I am a UX/UI designer living in Esposende, Portugal

I’m Pedro, a UX/UI Designer with 14+ years of experience working in the PR department of universities and technical schools. For the last 5 years, I have been focusing on building and improving the usability of websites at the Technical School IFPR.

As a Visual Designer, I have used my Graphic Design training to create all kinds of visual products, both printed and digital. Having a background in web development, I also worked on designing and coding websites. Realizing the importance of user experience to the success of digital products, I enrolled in a Master’s in Technology, where I studied Participatory Design.

After graduating, I started promoting user-centered design and the importance of UX at IFPR, working with the management to apply UX Design methodologies to website development. Since then, IFPR’s institutional websites have seen an average annual user growth of more than 10%, and had more than 5 million visitors and 17 million page views during this 4-year period.

To reinforce the new approach, I also wrote guides and created training materials for the staff responsible for managing the institution’s website content. I conducted workshops and gave presentations about usability.

I am looking for an on-site or remote position where I can combine my visual design expertise with my web development background to create exceptional products and grow as a UX designer.