Client Support Homepage


  • Use of a hero image, keeping consistency with the website.
  • Use of a carousel to show the models of the machines ( Consistency). It’s the same component used on other pages.
  • When a machine has more than one model, when clicked, it opens a modal with all the options.
  • Nespresso Club is what the hub section is called, a space where the user access all the customer support services. 


  • The hierarchy of information splits into two main sections. The first is the How-to, aimed at the users that want to find the answers by themselves.
  • The second section is for those users that didn’t find the information or want to contact the company directly.

Customer Support homepage Wireframe

hi-fidelity wireframe of the customer support homepage

Modal open to select the machine model Wireframe

hi-fidelity wireframe of the modal selection

Coffee Machine Page inside the Customer Support


  • I improved the tabbed navigation in the component that displays the coffee machine information.


  • The machine photo should be the main focal point. It helps the user to be sure that he is on the right page at the same time contributes to the overall vision of the page.
  • Keep the Nespresso Club on all pages. The user can contact the company any moment he wants to.


  • All the information regarding the Coffee Machine is in the same visual context.

Coffee Machine page Wireframe

hi-fidelity wireframe of the Coffee Machine Page inside the Customer Support