Usability Testing

To have a better understanding of the problems with the actual page, I decided to do a usability test with two users. I selected two problems from the complaints I found on the Internet. For each problem, I built a document, with general information about the coffee machine, including a picture. With this document, the users could know a little better about the machine they need to search for information on the customer support page.


Task 01

Coffee Machine: Latissima touch

Your machine has a specific button for descaling. The descaling LED lights up. You go to the Nespresso site to understand why.

  1. Why should I descale my machine?
  2. How do I descale?
  3. Can I use the machine right after the descaling process?
  4. After descaling, the warning led does not go out. What should I do?

Task 02

Coffee Machine: Nissia

Your coffee maker has stopped working. You press all the buttons, but nothing happens.

  1. Can you find a solution to this problem on the customer support website?


User 01

Don’t like to “search” for things on the site. Would prefer to call a phone number, as soon as possible.


  • Found the phone and the machine’s manuals.
  • The user found the phone number in the content under the fold. Although other channels were cited, there aren’t links to the chat and email. The phone number has a hover message, out of the context of the message.
  • The user didn’t see the information about the pickup of the machine at home, or the option to receive a temporary replacement while the machine is serviced.
  • On the Inissia page, the user got confused with the two manual options. Apart from the file sizes, don’t have any clear differentiation. The first option is for a manual with several languages. The second is only in English.
  • The user got angry with the fact that the manual is in other languages and is hard to find the Portuguese chapter.
  • The user got confused with several similar models to choose from on the support page. She choose the wrong machine, based on the photo and not on the name.

User 02

Like to search for an answer by herself. Usually, try all the other channels before having to call the phone number.


  • This user had problems with the search. First, she entered “Nespresso Inissia” and the filter didn’t work. After, she entered Inissia, but the photos were almost all under the fold of the window and she didn’t see the filter working. When she ended typing, she pressed Enter, but the site just reload the page, erasing the search input.
  • The user didn’t see the names of the machines. She tried to find it with the pictures, but the color of the machine in the file is different from the machine on the page. Took several tries to find the right model.
  • Didn’t like the Spare Parts section on the coffee machine’s page. “I don’t even know the problem with my machine and they are offering me spare parts already?”
  • Liked the possibility to receive a machine while the other is serviced.
  • Watched the videos about the coffee machines. Didn’t like that they were in English.
  • As the first user got frustrated by the fact that the message that cites the chat and email doesn’t have the links to these services.
  • Had difficulties finding the links to the manuals. Got puzzled by the two options as well. Also, didn’t like the manual in other languages. It’s hard to find the Portuguese section.
  • Would like to have a search field to find the information she was looking for.