Coffee Machine Page


  • The photo at the top is not always useful. The image should help the user confirms that the page is of his coffee machine’s model.
  • The tabs navigation should use a better visual representation. It is far from the content area it controls. The underscore that marks the selected tab is too subtle.
  • There is a lack of consistency among the pages in the tabs menu, the order changes from page to page.
  • The link back to the main page is small and subtle. The use of an arrow icon is confusing since it points to the right, but this link works as a “back” button most of the time.
  • The manuals area should be in the same context as the other machine’s information.
  • The spare parts area text is too wide, using 146 characters.
  • Confusion among the name of the support: Nespresso Club, Assistência Técnica, Assistência Nespresso.