User Behavior

The user’s behavior also improved. The visits peaked at the start of each phase. It indicates that the users kept returning and using the website during the admission process. In the last version, the user’s engagement fell more sharply.

It’s important to note that the number of contacts to our support fell noticeably. Therefore, the website achieved its goal of helping the candidates of the IFPR’s admission process, being more accessible, handy, and easy to use.

Previous version

google analytics graphic of the previous website. There is a sharp drop in users visits after the first phase
In the previous version, less users returned at each phase

New version

google analytics graphic showing that users returned more and expended more time in the website
The new version has more returning users at each phase, and they visit more often during each phase

Improvements opportunities

  • Enhance the filters to show only campuses with results in a given phase.
  • The course’s enrollment phase presented most of the problems with the users. More research is needed as well as a better task flow.
  • Research methods to show results that take less space in the tables (e.g., build a legend with repetitive terms).
  • Speak with the stakeholders about the importance of having more time to research.