Looking at the data

Since we already had a previous website, I started looking at it for improvement opportunities. My data sources were google analytics, the support contacts, and the economic and social questionary all candidates had to answer in the previous year.

I also spoke with people from IFPR that knew someone that made the process last year to get their feedback.

Screenshot of the previous version of the website
Previous version of the website

User Feedback

The main problems noted in the support data and the talks with colleagues and users were:

  • The calendar was confusing, and users had difficulty finding passed dates.
  • Some publications and results were too long and hard to filter and find the information.
  • The results from several phases got mixed. The candidates got confused about where they would find the information they needed at a given time.
  • Most of the phase’s results reports used pdf files, usually in large sizes.
  • The results were made available in one file with the data from all candidates. The candidates must sort their names from a lengthy list.