User Profile

Since we knew who all the possible participants of the event would be, it was possible to precisely define the profile of the users. All users are part of the group of people who hold management positions within the institutions. They have access to quality internet and would access the site both on their desktop, while in the office, and on their cell phone, while on the move. They are users who value the good use of time and the agility and ease in solving tasks. Based on this profile, the team listed important features to be implemented in the final product:

  • Registration process should be simple and fast.
  • The most important information should be clearly available.
  • Information about hotels and lodging should be available.
  • Information about distances and commuting between the event and the nearest airports.
  • Easy access to the certificate of participation, used as proof of attendance to meet legal requirements.
Photo of the event showing the table of authorities during the opening
Leaders of the institutions at Reditec Sul 2022