Design Challenge

The value proposition of the Reditec Sul website for the user is to provide efficiency and simplicity in the processes related to the event, such as registration, programming, information about transportation and accommodation, access to presentation files and issuing of certificates, among others. It is important to emphasize that an efficient experience in the activities related to the event impacts the participants and their institutions. Simple and fast processes mean more time for them to dedicate to their main activities.

Regarding the institution, the value proposition is the perception of the institution itself, reflected in the organization and professionalism in the construction of the site and the event. The news coverage play a fundamental role in this perception of value.

Based on these values, our design challenge for the Reditec Sul website was:

How to create a website that makes the information and services related to Reditec Sul available, in a simple and efficient way, because this has a positive impact on users and their institutions?