Results and conclusion

The solution addresses the issues presented in the problem statement and the research. The design keeps the same visual experience as the rest of the website, using the same colors and components. It improves the experience, making it easy to find information about the coffee machines and locate the customer support channels.

Further opportunities

A step to improve the experience would be to investigate how to improve the integration of technical support with the other website’s pages. In the present solution, customer support is isolated from the rest of the website, in its section. An assumption that I have is that could be possible to insert relevant information about the machines and the support service into the buying process, to boost confidence and decrease the number of contacts with the customer support lines.

Rendering showing the design of the entire Customer Support page
Final render of the Customer Support Page for Nespresso Coffee Machines
Rendering showing the design of the entire Coffee Machine page in the Customer Support Page
Final render of the Coffee Machine page inside the Customer Support area