• I believe that making the user interface of the support pages more consistent with the pages of the rest of the website will improve the user’s perception that Nespresso values the customer support process and after-sales.
  • I believe that fixing the errors in the UI, accessibility, and Information architecture will improve the user’s perception of the quality of the company.
  • I believe that the use of a hub, with all support services and information, on every page will make it easier for the user to access critical information and solve problems.

Business side

  1. I believe that consistency in UI will improve brand value for Nespresso.
  2. I believe that fixing UI, Accessibility, and Information Architecture errors raise the number of users getting the information without needing direct contact, taking pressure off support channels that use human resources.
  3. I believe that a hub section highlights exclusive services, improving the perception of the quality and convenience of Nespresso products and services.