Reshaping the User Interface

I changed the interface structure and how it works. The intention was to address the problem the users had to find information after the first stages of the process.

scheme of the previous website
The old version had three main, fixed sections: a hero with a call to action, a left-side menu, and the content area.
scheme of the new website
The new version kept the hero but added cards that show the topic most relevant information to each phase.
illustration showing that the content can be updated inside the widgets
Each card work as a widget. It shows the topic’s most relevant information at each phase of the process.
scheme of the organization of the cards
We can reorder the cards to emphasize the most prominent subject at a given time.
illustration of the calendar showing the word date repeated several times
The calendar widget shows the last passed date and at least the next three. It also has a link to a page with all the schedules.
scheme of the menu panel appearing over the rest of the content
The menu went under a hamburger icon as secondary navigation. The user can navigate the website without needing the menu.