Working in all the project’s phases allowed me to see how coding can heavily impact the experience.

In this case, usability is severely affected by low-speed access and computational power. Thus, the website needs to be lean and lightweight.

I built a responsive website using HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. I used JSON files as a repository for the data. I Didn’t use any frameworks or other libraries that could add to the weight.

A negative impact of the older versions was the use of PDFs. I implemented a way to present the information in HTML, filtering the results to show only relevant data to the user.
In the end, the size was reduced from 85,1MB to 19,3 MB compared to the last version.

Development goals

  • Responsive
  • Lightweight
  • Efficient

Efficiency gains

In the end, the overall website size was reduced from 85,1 MB to 19,3 MB compared to the last version.

bars graphic showing a decrease of 4x in the size of the website